Day 0 (Friday 09/09/05) Monticello to Ely


Left home from Tom's about 10:40 AM (my turn to drive).  Stopped at the Subway in Wyoming (MN) for lunch and to check on life jackets.  Arrived in Ely about 3:40 PM and had supper at the Ely steak house (not the greatest sirloin I've ever had).  Looked around a little at the stores, picked up the satellite phone ($100/wk, $3/min), then left for Fall Lake campgrounds.  The Harvest Moon festival is on this weekend - lots of people in town.


Unfortunately, since it's been upgraded, you now need a reservation at Fall Lake - they were full!  After checking out the motels (briefly - $120/night!), we drove over to the Birch Lake campground (20 minutes) and stayed there instead.  Set up camp and organized packs for tomorrow.


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