Day 1  (Saturday 09/10/05) Moose Lake to North Bay

Got up at 5:15, packed up and went to Ely for breakfast at Britton's about 6:00 (great!).  We arrived at Moose Lake Landing about 7:30 and left about 8:00.  It was somewhat depressing to see the 12 canoes worth of taxis go by.  We arrived at Prairie Portage before 10:00 and had to wait for a group of 15 Texans to go through the ranger station.  Water levels are about 4' low compared to spring, no reports of bears.  We finally left about 10:30 as the tailwind started up :)



Prairie Portage                     Waiting for license                       Finally!                On the way to Bayley Bay            Portage at Burke

(from ranger's cabin)                   & permits


We had a snack at Burke Lake around noon, and arrived at our campsite in North Bay around 1:30.  Temperature was around 85 F by afternoon.  Went fishing for supper and caught (and fortunately lost) a large northern, but kept the smallmouth for supper.  The northerns were hitting on spinners, smallmouth on artificial leaches & twister tails.  There was a family of 4 otters fishing in the same area.


North Bay Campsite                                                

                                                                              North Bay panoramic  


Supper was cous-cous with fish, sweet potato fried bread and freeze-dried cheesecake for dessert.  Since it was so warm today, the solar shower worked quite well.  Reported in to the home support system on the cell phone (up on the hill behind the campsite - worked!).  We noted that there was a large sunspot visible at the lower left quadrant of the sun on the horizon.  In bed after sundown by 8:00.

North Bay sundown                                                                                                                                                                              Supper's on!                    

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