Day 2  (Sunday 09/11/05) North Bay to Silence Lake       


Up at 6:15 after a (sort of) quiet night.  Warm night with the rainfly off, so Tom woke up at 2:00 AM to a pretty bright sky, but the moon had set.  Turned out to be spectacular northern lights (aurora borealis)!  There was an extremely bright ribbon nearly straight up that ripped across a third of the sky.  In addition, there were coruscating, flashing sheets throughout most of the sky.  I finally remembered to get the camera out, but most of the brightest had already faded (16 sec exposure).


Cream of wheat, cinnamon rolls in the bakepacker and cocoa for breakfast.  On the water at 8:05.  Incredibly mucky portage/channel to South lake, then short portages to West Lake, unnamed lake and Shade Lake.  We stopped for a snack at 11:00 on Shade Lake after checking out the pictographs (not much to see).



Otters at North Bay        South Lake                Same                        Break time            Pictograph search


Another 85 F day!  We met a couple at the 5* Shade Campsite - portage was a little further down from that point (southern portage does not exist anymore).  Long portage to Noon Lake, then short portage to Summer Lake.  Met another party going the other way at the Sultry Lake portage with a 69 lb cedar strip canoe.  Looked great, but 69 lbs? I can portage a 30 lb pack with a 42 lb canoe, but not with a 70 lb canoe!  Long portage into Silence lake to a campsite on the west side peninsula pointing south.



We did some fishing north of the campsite and caught a few smallmouth (released).  Paddled across the lake and climbed a hill on the west side - made some cell phone calls (successfully), then came back down for more fishing.  Finally caught a good-sized smallmouth for supper. 


                                                                                     Hill panorama

Supper was garlic mashed potatoes and cornbread, fish with cocoanut cream pudding for dessert.  After a hot shower, off to bed.




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