Day 3  (Monday 09/12/05) Silence Lake to Kashahpiwi Lake       


 Up at 6:15, no sunrise, thunderstorms threatening.  After a quick breakfast (cream of wheat and cocoa), the sun rose while we were packing up, followed by a thunderstorm.  After it passed, we left shortly after 8:00.  We passed the group who wanted our camp site last night and told them it's open now.  We left Silence Lake to unnamed lakes with 32, 39, 22, 23, 92 and 96 rod portages.  Many were very rocky. 

We stopped at the 5*, grassy campsite on Trant Lake to have lunch and wait out a monster thunderstorm (put the canoe up for shelter).  Lots of lightning, the closest 1/4 mile away.  It finally let up (still raining) so we took off again and found the Trant pictographs (not in the bay Fischer says!).



Very ugly portage to Kashahpiwi - lots of big boulders, holes, swamp, etc.  The only good thing you could say is that it was not hilly.  The first 5* campsite was taken, 2nd doesn't even look like a campsite.  Finally got an island campsite across from the fire tower.


Fished for a while, then the sun came out.  Caught a bunch of little smallies, then a good sized keeper for supper.  Hash browns with cheese, the last of the sweet potato bread, pudding for dessert.  Since we had so little sun, we added a quart of hot water to the solar shower.



Played Tom's guitar for a while and tried the cell phone (no luck - used satellite instead for a minute).  Clouded up again, went to bed and read until 9:30.  Much cooler tonight, but we still left the rainfly off in hopes of seeing more northern lights.


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