Day 4  (Tuesday 09/13/05) Kashahpiwi


Woke up during the night to put the rain fly on (light rain).  Up at 6:20 for scrambled eggs and cinnamon rolls with cocoa.  Much cooler today, but still a southerly breeze.  You can see the firetower (circled, at right) from this campsite.



Went across the lake to the west, climbed the hill to the tower.  Tom stumbled across the ground wire, I stumbled across the trail (which we followed from there on).  It only took about 20 minutes.  We climbed the ladder to the platform (the wood platform at the top does not inspire confidence!) and took some pictures.  The cell phone worked fine up there!  The helicopter pad appears (from here) to be way too close to the tower.  We then climbed down and followed the trail all the way down.  It ended up about 50 feet from our canoe.  We then paddled down the lake to the Ranger cabin site - not much to see anymore.



  The view from the tower.


Continuing on down the lake, we found the Kashahpiwi pictographs - a turtle outline and some very faded marks.




This little guy was stocking up on pine nuts.              Life clinging on the side of a waterside cliff.





We stopped for lunch on an island campsite before returning to camp.  Couldn't get any strikes around the campsite, so we tried across the lake around the ranger cabin site, then back up the lake.  Finally caught some really nice smallies on shadraps.  We kept two for supper.



Back to camp, played guitar for a bit, then started the pizza in the bake-packer.  Fish and pizza for supper - too full for dessert!  After cleaning up, had a hot shower (white-gas fueled) and hot tea before hitting the sack at 8:30 for some reading.


                                                                                                    Moonrise over Kashahpiwi

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