Day 5  (Wednesday 09/14/05) Kashahpiwi to Bayley Bay

Up at 6:15 (cool - 50 F).  Cinnamon roll "pancake" with cream of wheat anc docoa for breakfast.  Packed up after sunrise, left at 8:20.  Paddled down to Yum-Yum portage.  Steep start of 220 rod , but not really all that bad (~ 30 min).  Next portage was 115 rod to Grey Lake (also not too bad).  100 rod portage to unnamed lake - looked like it might be mostly swamp, but the swampy part was dry.  Four short portages then an 80 rod portage to Shade lake, where we had lunch.  We met 1/2 of the Texan group on the way - they let us "play through" since we were single portaging.

                                                                                                                                                                                               Rock "face"


Lunch break at

Shade Lake             Single Portage

"Gift" portage at end of Shade Lake (no portage) - must be fast water at higher water levels or something.  Lots of people made the portage - we just paddled around it.  The stream out of Shade lake was very shallow.  Had to do some wading through muck for a while (I'd have taken a picture, but I think it would have upset my partner.  We stopped in North Bay on an island to wash out the muck, then crossed it in a choppy headwind to the Burke Lake portage, then last 84 rod portage of the day to Bayley Bay.


Camped on the 2nd campsite to the east of the portage - quite nice with a sandy beach.  We actually didn't see anyone here until we left in the morning!



Went fishing, but only caught a small smallmouth (released).  Supper was cornbread with hashbrowns and chicken (excellent, but very filling).  Showered, and had hot tea and cocoa before turning in.  Left the rainfly off again - quite cool (wool shirt and stocking cap in the sleeping bag.  55 F in tent at 8:00 PM.



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