Day 6  (Thursday 09/15/05) - Bayley Bay to Ely


Cold last night then light rain at 3:00 AM (got up to take clothes down and put up fly).  Woke up at 6:15 and read until the rain stopped.  7:00 light breakfast and left at 8:20.  Substantial headwind across Bayley Bay.  Prairie portage at 9:30, on and off drizzle on the way.  Talked to Ranger and stopped in at the store, left at 10:00.  Hugged the left (east) shore coming back due to headwind.  Saw a deer leave the water at the Sommers Canoe Base just before the landing - got in just before noon.  We stopped for lunch at Brittons, then left for home.  We also stopped at the Heritage Center in the Fortune Lake Casino on the way.  Home by 7:00 PM.


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