Day 1  (Saturday 09/09/05) – Moose Lake to North Bay

We got up at 5:00 (29º F), packed up and drove back to Ely for breakfast at Britton’s (huge pancakes) just before 6:00.  We also filled up all water containers. 

We got to Moose Lake landing about 7:30, and were on the water shortly after 8:00.  Still quite cool (~40 º F), but very little wind and quiet water (but lots of water taxis).  The rear support of Tom’s bow seat broke about an hour later, necessitating a quick repair with camp line and the right sized branch.  Definitely need to do something about that – needs to be thicker.


On Moose Lake                       Eagle         

We reached Prairie Portage shortly after 10:00, just ahead of a group of 6 canoes.  One of them set their canoe down on our parked packs, knocking off Russ’ sunglasses underneath their canoe!  We got our camping permits and fishing licenses ahead of the big group.  Ranger said there had been no bear reports, other than sightings, water levels are generally low, and a park-wide open fire ban started two days ago.   L  We were able to pick up a section of scrap wood from the Ranger to beef up the bow seat.  I also did mine, since they are identical in design.

We left PP shortly after 11:00 – still calm water through Bayley bay to Sunday Lake.  We had lunch at the Sunday Lake portage around 1:00, and met a couple with a dog (“Nash”).  We managed to leave a pair of sunglasses at the portage, so we lost 20 minutes while they went back for it.  We finished the portage to Meadows Lake around 3:00 and took the south-facing campsite at 3:30.

Bayley Bay

We caught a bunch of smallies for supper – supplemented with hashbrowns, cheesy biscuits and cheesecake pudding.  Also had a sip of Merlot (someone brought a bota bag!); it was a real treat.  We hit the sack at 8:00 for little reading – still very cool.  My back is a little sore (from paddling?) and my right shoulder is a little “twingey” (definitely from paddling).



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