Day 2  (Sunday 09/10/05) Ė Meadows Lake to Fauquier Lake       


We had a quiet, but restless night.  It was warm enough, but my arms fell asleep every 30 minutes or so.  Iíll have to see if I can find a better sleeping pad or something.  We were up at 6:00 for cinnamon rolls and scrambled eggs (whole eggs) with cocoa/cappuccino, etc.


We were on the water shortly after 8:00, and finished the big portage to Agnes.  There were campers at the site just north of Louisa Falls, and one kayaker at the falls.  We started up the south side of the falls, as we did 3 years ago.  I was at the top when I heard a commotion down below.  Russ called out for me; I dropped my canoe and hurried back down.

Tom had overbalanced and fallen backwards with the canoe down the portage about 10 feet!  Fortunately, no broken bones Ė only a skinned shin (through his pants), bruised cheekbone (he hit his head on the way) and bruised wrist.  No blurred vision, blackouts, dizziness, loss of consciousness, etc.  We finished the portage OK, but he was a little shaky.


We paddled up Louisa and noted a small forest fire on the west side about 1/3 of the way up.  We climbed a hill and called Tomís spouse on the cell phone (sheís an RNP) to get her opinion of his fall.  Also called Canadian Customs (only number I had) to report the fire.  He gave me an 800 number to call, which was out of order (!!).  I called him back and he took down the information this time.  Just about then, a float plane flew over the fire site.

We asked the Prairie Portage ranger about this when we returned.  Apparently, a lightning strike can smolder for up to two weeks before it actually turns into a real fire.  Theyíre just keeping an eye on it and waiting for rain.

We noted a cut (from the fall) in the Kevlar on Tomís canoe while we had lunch at the portage to Arp Lake.  It looks like it goes all the way through at the waterline, so I put on some duct tape.

Beach at Fauquier


We continued on to Star Lake, taking the wrong exit from Arp (again!!) to Star Lake, then on to Fauquier.  We got the same 5-star site we had 3 years ago.  Dave and I didnít initially have a lot of luck with fishing.  We caught a couple of northerns (fortunately got off!) and a few little smallies.  We did notice oil-canning in the bottom of the canoe when itís unloaded.  We put in some ballast rocks and finished fishing Ė may be bad news.

Tom & Russ caught a couple of nice smallies, so we ended up with fish for dinner again, this time with Spanish rice, rehydrated salsa and poppy seed muffins.

Still very calm, very little wind, but it is warming up a bit.  The only people we saw today were at Louisa Falls.  Bed at 8:30, asleep by 10:00.



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