Day 4  (Tuesday 09/12/05) – McEwen Lake to Kawnipi

Plan for today is to get to Kawnipi through the falls chain.  Some of the portages on the map seem awfully short, so we’ll see.

Very foggy today – you can see the ˝ moon every now and then, but that’s about it.  Breakfast was fairly quick, and on the lake before 8:00.

A lot of portaging today, as we are heading for Wet Lake, then northwest through the Falls chain.  We had to do a little compass work, as it was too foggy to see the shoreline.  We hit the gap perfectly (I was surprised) and portaged into Wet Lake.  The kneeling position appears to be working, so we’re going with the original plan (to Kawnipi).  Dave is able to use the bow seat with a brace underneath.  Kneeling in the bow position is very hard on you.

The fog burned off just before the first falls around 10:30.  Russ hurt his back breaking camp (awkwardly picked up the tent pole bag), so we double portaged the first few times.  I’m carrying a heavy pack in addition to the canoe, but he started carrying my (lighter) pack without any problems.



We had lunch at Kennebas Falls.  An eagle watched us the entire time (in addition to a pair of turkey vultures).  A weasel poked his head out of the rocks when we rested after reaching Kawnipi.


My canoe now has some broken ribs too (last three stern ribs).  We got to camp around 3:30, after trying to find the pictographs on Kawnipi (couldn’t find them).


Due to the worries with the canoes, we only fished from shore.  I caught a large smallie, and hooked a 30” northern (which fortunately broke my line when I landed him).  Russ was ready with leather gloves, but that’s when the line broke.  Tom caught the monster smallie shown in progress here (and below right).

We climbed a hill behind the campsite and were able to briefly get a connection to pass on that everyone was OK (a real concern after the fall).  The solar shower was nice and warm, since we got in fairly early on a sunny site.




Egg noodles were great with the fish, and we had an outstanding sunset.  Bed at 8:00 for journal updates and a little reading.  Still no wind to speak of and very nice t-shirt weather.



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