Day 6  (Thursday 09/14/05) - Sunday Lake to Ely

Up at 5:30 again – not surprising, we’re all sore today (except Dave, of course).  We had the last of the powdered eggs, with blueberry muffins for breakfast.  We were on the water before 7:30, hoping to beat the waves on Bayley Bay.


We made Prairie Portage just before 9:30, and were back on the water before 10:00.  The wind had started to pick up by then, so it was a bit of a struggle (headwind, of course).  The kneeling was really starting to wear on Tom by then.  We finally made the landing just before noon.


We stopped for lunch at Vertins (and ice cream at Northern Expressions across the street), did a little shopping and headed out.  We were all home around 7:00 PM.



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