Day 0 (Wednesday 09/19/07) Monticello to Ely

We got everyone loaded up and left for Quetico just after 9:00.  This allowed us to stop for lunch at Gordy's in Cloquet.  Great 'shroom burgers  and raspberry shakes!

We arrived in  Ely shortly after 2:00, and checked on the sat phone and fishing licenses at Canadian Waters.  The phone was ready, but the licenses hadn't arrived (by mail) yet, even though we had arranged for them 10 days ago.  They called in for a fax, but it will take another hour or so.  We did a little shopping (and had some ice cream at Sherry's).  We got a reservation for 5:30 at the Chocolate Moose and went to our "camp" on White Iron Lake to check it out - Nice!!!!!



Went back to Ely and got the conservation licenses and had supper.  Went back to Rick's cousin's cabin, checked out gear for the last time, and went to bed (real beds!).




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