Day 0 (Friday 09/11/09) Monticello to Ely

I had high hopes for a Quetico trip this year, after an abysmal aborted 2007 trip, and stillborn 2008 trip.


The gear (click)

[linked image][linked image]Tom dropped off some great dried cherries and a backpacker the day before (thanks, Tom!). After saying goodbye to Judy, Will & the girls; Mandy (shown here), Ellie & Ruby, I left for Russ's house just before 9:00.
We packed up Russ's gear, loaded Bailey up (shown here between Russ's legs) and left about 9:30 for Roosevelt Lake. 

We dropped Bailey off shortly after noon and stopped at the Northwoods Grill & Steakhouse in Remer for lunch. I had a great pork tenderloin sandwich, while Russ had the club sandwich and a cup of their soup of the day (onion).
We made it to Ely around 4:30, and stopped briefly to talk to Nibi Mocs in his booth at the Harvest Moon Festival. We said we would come back after setting up our tent at Fall Lake Campground.
Headed back to Ely and checked in with Nibi. Bill/TN was there with his son; we agreed to meet at Northern Grounds at 6:00 or so. We headed over there and started at the outdoors then moved inside. Great band playing, but unfortunately too loud for conversation. Nibi & Pat showed up a little later.

[linked image][linked image]Around the table; Russ, Nibi, Pat, Josh, Capn Redbeard, Stonehollow, Cossack, Turtle Tracks, Bill/TN and son (and a busy, fast moving Timberrrgirl!).

After a good meal (and a few barley-derived beverages), we picked up some aspirin (see 2007 trip report above) and headed back to Fall Lake anticipating an early start Saturday. BTW, cell phones do work at Fall Lake now.



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