Day 2  (Sunday 09/12/09) North Bay to Shade Lake

Today's route - North Bay to Shade Lake
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Missed the sunrise, as I didn't get around the back of the island fast enough, but here's what we saw from the our side:
[linked image]
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[linked image][linked image]Got up around 7:00 (slept in!) and mixed up some blueberry pancakes with maple syrup and cocoa. It really hit the spot!

Found a few fungi last night when cleaning the fish. They look better after sunrise:
[linked image]     [linked image]     [linked image]

[linked image]My original plan was to zoom through the S-chain back on to Agnes, then head up to Kawnipi, but we sure didn't feel like it yesterday!  We packed everything up and hit the water just before 9:00. The stream between North Bay and South Lake had one pullover beaver dam, and one lift over. A little poling was required here and there. Here's the 2nd dam:

[linked image][linked image]The portage from West Lake to the unnamed lake required no portage, just paddled through.


[linked image]Very calm again today. Here's the last portage before Shade Lake.



[linked image]Although we both felt better today, we elected to make a short day of it, and stopped at Shade Lake about 10:30.


[linked image]We didn't have as good luck fishing today, mostly small ones, with one good one for supper.  Still quite warm, Id guess in the low 80s. Took a nap, read some, went for a swim as we did yesterday, and generally goofed off. Checked out the route for tomorrow and decided another short one was in order. 

[linked image]Discovered an unexpected guest on the pack.


- and checked out the Shade Lake pictographs. As I remembered from the last time through here, not much to see.
[linked image]         [linked image]

[linked image]Found some more fungi

Took a shower with the pocker shower (works great! and started fixing supper.  Supper tonight was mashed potatoes and smallie filets, with vanilla pudding for dessert. After cleaning up dishes, started a small fire and played the guitar a while (Martin Backpacker). Unfortunately, the E string broke (no spare).

[linked image]After the sun set, we watched the stars come out. Saw a strange satellite (west to east track) that moved erratically perpendicular to its course - weird. Great star watching night Milky Way was spectacular. Hit the sack around 9:00.


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