Day 3 (Monday 09/14/09) Shade Lake to Silence Lake

Today's route is Shade Lake to Silence Lake
[linked image]

[linked image][linked image]Got up at 6:30 today, light clouds to the east, dead calm, quite cool (cool enough for a wool shirt!).  Spectacular sunrise (so of course, I took a few pictures).


[linked image] Scrambled eggs (with a little Gouda) and cocoa for breakfast today. Powdered eggs from



Planned route is leave Shade, portage to Noon, portage to Summer, portage to Sultry, portage to
Silence (whew). Hard to believe we did the whole thing from North Bay to Kashahpiwi in one day
(2005 -

We got on the lake at 8:30.  On Shade lake, looking here at the short portage to Noon.
[linked image]     On Noon, looking at portage to Summer [linked image]

On Summer, looking at the portage to Sultry
[linked image]- and finally the (mucky) portage to Silence (yuck) [linked image]    [linked image]


I stepped on one branch and broke through, going to my knees in the muck. Skinned my left knee,
but no other damage.

[linked image][linked image]We paddled to the island on Silence and found TN Bill and son, just about to leave. I guess this was a mini-Platy?


We scouted up the lake a bit, then came back and took their advice on the island campsite. By the way, Bill, we have
your camp line, if you need it (must have been the single barrel bourbon) .

We concurred on quitting for the day, had a little lunch (as before gorp & jerky for Russ, nuts, berries and jerky for me, with
shared Gouda & crackers.

More fungi (LOTS!).
[linked image] [linked image] [linked image] [linked image] [linked image] [linked image]
[linked image] [linked image] [linked image] [linked image]

[linked image]Found this when I moved one of the firepit rocks:




Tried fishing the island; just little smallies. Set up the pocket shower to heat in the sun, and headed out to the east shores fishing. Not much luck; a couple of reasonable sized smallies, but they had splotches on them. We wondered if the preponderance of Seagulls (and associated nitrogen) was causing some problems there. We released them.

Came back and went for a nice swim (still quite warm out). Pocket shower was nice and toasty by then, making for a nice
cleanup. This island has a point that allows about 270 degrees coverage!
[linked image][linked image]

(Click on the above, then click again to zoom & pan)

[linked image]- and I finally caught the patrolling dragonfly (sort of):



We decided on 2 ounces (1/2 lb) dehydrated hamburger with a couple of rotini pasta cups my wife picked up at Cub.
Just add boiling water and let sit 3 minutes. Recipe for dehydrated hamburger:
Brown 94% fat free ground beef in frying pan, add chopped onion and Italian seasoning (to taste) with salt and pepper.
Drain, and spread the remains in a dehydrator tray. Dehydrate until most water is gone (took about 3 hours in a
Mr. Coffee dehydrator). Rehydrate by adding boiling water and let sit 20 minutes.

[linked image]Turned out great! Topped off with cheesecake pudding as the sun set:

Made home calls on the sat phone, small campfire and watched the stars come out again (brilliant!).
Hit the sack at 9:00 for a little reading, then sleep.

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