Day 4 (Tuesday 09/15/09) Silence Lake to Agnes Lake  

Couldn't figure out how to embed this in the right spot, so you'll hear it now!
Around 6:00 PM we started hearing a distant thumping sound, sort of like an engine starting. I'm pretty sure it was a Ruffed Grouse

Today's route Silence Lake to Agnes to East Lake (depending on campsites)
[linked image]

Up at 6:30, clear (no clouds). Blueberry pancakes with cocoa for breakfast again. Not much of a sunrise still, bright and clear. Here's the 270 panorama for morning:
[linked image]

(Click on the above, then click again to zoom & pan)

[linked image]Something gnawed on yesterdays pristine mushroom last night:



[linked image]Packed up and got on the water around 9:00. Still clear, very few clouds. We decided that Silence Lake may be named for the echoes. Any loud noise is echoed quite noisily!



Portaged over to Agnes, then went north a bit to see the petroglyphs. They're a little further north than the map shows.
[linked image]     [linked image]     [linked image]

[linked image]Portaged into East Lake next, with a nice big log across the path.


The campsite on East Lake was high, rocky and not very good. We had the usual lunch there and then paddled down to the south end. I took a picture from partway up the cliffs:
[linked image]

And of course, we found another log across the south portage to Agnes.

[linked image]We detoured east a bit to check out the pictograph. You can barely see one canoe; the rest is just a blur now (and has been for decades):



A personal first for me was the tailwind down Agnes! I don't recall ever having a tailwind headed south.
We kept on down Agnes, hoping to overnight at the dude ranch happy.gif Were in luck, its not taken.
We arrived about 2:00 and hauled everything in. I'm thinking were not too interested in fishing today.

[linked image][linked image]Keep in mind that The only people we've seen since Prairie Portage is Bill TN & son (and one fast moving canoe headed south on Shade). I'm sorry to say I like that! (not really happy.gif)

Tried fishing off the point. Got one hit on the first cast (medium smallie) that managed to throw the jig 6 feet from shore. Nothing else for the next hour (when I quit).

[linked image]Still some insects hanging around:

We elected to have chicken (6 oz Chicken of the Sea) and potatoes for supper. Worked out very well, with
a touch of cayenne for flavor enhancement happy.gif. I may have to try dehydrating peas next time would add a
little to the dinner.
Banana cream pudding was a bust, since it required heating, apparently. We broke out a couple of bars instead.

Saw 2 canoes approach as we were filling up the water bottles. They asked if the Louisa campsite was open.  No idea, as we came from up lake. No chance of sunset picture today. Bluffs to the west.

Wind started picking up from the west, and whistled in the trees all night. Kind of spooky, considering how tall and spindly some of them are at this campsite (and the number down!). Cooled down quite a bit, so we put up the rainfly.

Tomorrow, the plan is to go to Sunday Lake. With the back to back long portages, that may be enough for us!  Lots of stars again tonight. Hit the sack around 9:00.

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