Day 4 (Wednesday 09/16/09) Agnes Lake to Sunday Lake  

Today's route (planned) Agnes Lake to Sunday Lake
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Windy last night, and cloudy at sunrise (who could tell?).  Breakfast was scrambled eggs & cocoa (with gouda). Also added a little powdered milk, which made it indistinguishable from regular scrambled eggs.

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We were on the water by 8:30, passing by Louisa Falls. The campsite by the falls was unoccupied, but the one up
lake was (a much poorer site, BTW).
[linked image][linked image]For the future, portage to Meadow Lake took under 15 min, to Sunday about 20 min

Here's the shallow (mucky) entrance to Sunday Lake:

[linked image]We arrived at the Sunday (island) campsite around 11:00, and did a little fishing since it was so early. No luck. The sky cleared around noon. Tried fishing again in the early afternoon, still only little ones. It clouded up again around 5, and the wind died down. A nice little island.

[linked image][linked image]We decided on the ramen noodles with dehydrated hamburger for supper, with cheesecake pudding for dessert.

At sunset, the clouds started clearing.  Played a little guitar:

And the end of a pleasant day:
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 (Click on the above, then click again to zoom & pan)

Another day without seeing a soul! happy.gif  We hit the sack early since we planned on getting an early start for home.  At a little before nine, we heard wolves howling in the distance.

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