Day 6 (Thursday 09/17/09) Sunday Lake to Ely and Home

      Today's route Sunday Lake to home
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Quiet night, clouded up sometime in the night. Got up at 5:30, quick breakfast of cocoa and oatmeal/cream of wheat.  On the water at 7:00, Prairie Portage by 8:00. Talked to the blonde ranger a bit and told her about the downed trees on East Lake portages. The kids (interns) are gone for the summer, so they'll pick it up next year.

[linked image]Paddled back down Sucker, New Found and Moose Lakes, arriving at the boat launch by 10:30. Packed everything up (yep, it all fits happy.gif.



We did stop at the new customs office nice place (your tax dollars at work)! We both got our passports stamped, and talked with the officer Nyberg a bit. He was actually quite inquisitive to start with, but dropped it when he found out we both work at a nuclear plant (no problem with background checks and drug testing!). Turns out he once worked at the Prairie Island plant.

Stopped at Northern Grounds for lunch (turkey, swiss, bacon Panini). And of course up the street for ice cream.  Yep, we loaded up happy.gif.

Stopped at the native American Heritage Museum at the Fortune Bay Casino for a little shopping, and headed back home.
As we pulled back on the highway, a wolf crossed the road in front of us! Who knew we had to get back on the highway
to see one.


Well, everything's washed up now, cleaned, oiled (boots) and put away for the next trip. There's a few things I need to do
for next time:

Paddle needs to be refinished
Stove needs a little maintenance. I noticed some cracked o-rings, that's about it.
Found a pinhole in the pocket shower, needs a little mending
Fishing reel's a little noisy, have to investigate that

What would we do different?

On the negative side

Don't forget the dish soap and scrubby
Could use a whisk next time, and a spare spatula. Broke the ^%#% thing again!
Bring fewer lures. Never caught anything on them. Jig was enough.
Add veggies to the meal. Need to experiment
Don't bring pudding that requires heating!
Bring more seasoning.
Bring spare strings for the guitar!
Need more upper body strength i.e., exercise before. Cant just do it any more without preparation sad.gif

On the positive side

A slower paced trip was kind of nice for a change
Weather was great, wind was non-existent, nice sunrise/sunsets, great star watching (no aurora though)
Meals in general were great fish, dehydrated hamburger, chicken for protein, potatoes, rice, noodles for carbs
Cheese & crackers, pancakes all good
Satellite phone worked, but you really have to be patient
Backpacker guitar was sort of a pain to carry around, but it sure was a welcome addition in the evening.
Might think about bringing a recorder next time (wind instrument)

I guess in general, were getting older and have to spend more time preparing for these trips. Much like
I had to do for bicycling. Weight training is required. Heart & lungs are fine, but useless without adequate
strength. Next time happy.gif

Hope you enjoyed the ride. We certainly did!


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